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"Fancy an Italian Coffee?" and "Mild Yoghurt & Apple Cake" videos from That Really Cool Italian Cookbook. Italian humour whilst cooking up a storm (in more ways than one!)! Very tongue-in-cheek. Watch these 4 characters from the book come to life!

Plus a jaunt to Sharjah (UAE) for a chance to share some great Italian food with our distant neighbours!

Welcome to the very first video recipe from That really Cool Italian Cookbook - Mild Yoghurt & Apple Cake. 

Trials and tribulations of the Pin Up Artist when she realises that the coffee's finished. Will the Visionary Cook and the Taster Scribe be able to save the day? FOLLOW US ON:

That Really Cool Italian Cookbook was invited to the International Children's Book Fair in Sharjah, where we gave a cooking lessons, sang, painted, and fed some hungry little mouths (and their mothers'!). Great fun!!

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