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Summer = Strawberries... Prosecco... Good Times!!!

It’s not just the warm weather, the (ample) beach time, or a good tan that makes me yearn for Summer. It’s also the myriad of seasonal fruits that I can munch on whenever possible in those warmer months! Strawberries would probably be one of the most common Summer fruits available. If you think about it, even if they were an occasional treat, fresh Summer strawberries were somehow present in your childhood, even before we started shipping out-of-season fruit & veggies all around the world at any time of the year. 

PROSECCO is a sparkling white wine, originally from the region of Veneto (capital city: Venice). As indicated in some of our recipes you can often substitute prosecco with normal dry sparkling white wine, or even dry white table wine in some dishes, but in this case, it’s prosecco all the way! 

Here’s a bit of useless information: The original champagne came from Veneto and was, in fact, prosecco. Word has it that the French took the effervescent method back to a small town called Champagne(!), and they still get a decent percentage of their grapes from Italy today.

500gr strawberries
100ml prosecco
(pg 8 of That Really Cool Italian Cookbook)
4 dessert spoons honey (preferably liquid/runny honey) juice of 1 lemon

his fantastic dessert is a fresh way of cleaning the palate and savouring the best that Summer has to offer! Enjoy!