One Italian family's (+ 1 Kiwi) take on the Italian food culture and how truly easy it is to make the real (Italian) McCoy! Plus some very cool musings from an "outsider's" point of view...

We're in London now, so you might discover some insider tips on where to find good Italian food here, as well as around the world.

CREAMY PUMPKIN SOUP (easy and yummy!!!)


1 carrot (finely chopped)

1 onion (finely chopped)

1 stick of celery (finely chopped)

100ml white wine

half litre vegetable stock

4 dessert spoons of extra virgin olive oil

500g pumpkin pulp (chopped)

2 medium potatoes (diced)

1 dessert spoon of plain flour

100ml low-fat milk

salt and pepper (to taste)

1 pinch of nutmeg

4 dessert spoons of freshly grated parmesan cheese

thyme (fresh, as needed) 



In a large saucepan, sauté carrot, onion, celery, wine in 100ml of vegetable stock and 2 dessert spoons of oil over a moderate heat until wine and stock reduce and vegetables are soft. Add your pumpkin and potato and stir for 2 minutes. Pour in the remaining vegetable stock and cook for around 40 minutes, covered. Mix the flour and milk to a smooth consistency, and add to the soup. Mash or purée ingredients (using a hand-held blender). Cook for a further 5 minutes. Add oil, salt and pepper to taste, and a pinch of nutmeg. Stir gently. Serve warm with 1 dessertspoon of Parmesan cheese and a sprinkling of fresh thyme over each serving. 

Creamy pumpkin soup